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OCS Inventory (Where do I put cacert.pem?)

OCS Inventory is an inventory management system that can keep track of the machines connected to the network. It also features a package deployment system that can be used to run commands, install programs or copy files to the machines in the network.

There are a number of guides out there on how to set up the deployment system, but the problem I had is that they all tell you to copy your cacert.pem file in the “OCS Inventory Agent installation directory”. I thought that should be /etc/ocsinventory-agent/ but it’s not.

The directory where you should put it actually depends on the hostname of the OCS Inventory Server. Lets assume that my server is called “jones” and that I would access the control panel at http://jones/ocsreports. Then the location where I should copy the cacert.pem file on the computers running the OCS Agent would be /var/lib/ocsinventory-agent/http:__jones_ocsinventory/cacert.pem".